in partnership with Women in THz

11-12th December 2019


  • Dr. Olga Smolyanskaya, ITMO University
  • Dr. Patrick Mounaix, University of Bordeaux

This 2 day symposium will focus on an emerging material-related areas of THz research; new approaches to material characterization with THz radiation, novel materials for THz transceivers and modulators, novel photonic THz systems and devices.

Internationally known experts in the THz field will join the symposium to discuss the most critical technological insights, discoveries and new practical applications.

The symposium will cover photonic and optoelectronic THz technology aspects, including but not limited to new photonic and optoelectronic THz sources, detectors, modulators, novel approaches in THz imaging and spectroscopy, and systems engineering.

The symposium topics will include:

  • Photoconductive Antennas and Photomixers

  • Optical pump – THz probe spectroscopy

  • THz imaging

  • THz microscopy

  • Nanophotonics for THz

  • THz metamaterials and Metasurfaces


Emma MacPherson

University of Warwick

E. Pickwell-MacPherson studied natural sciences for her undergraduate degree at Cambridge University followed by an MSci in Physics where she specialized in semiconductor physics. She started her PhD with the Semiconductor Physics Group at Cambridge University and TeraView Ltd, a company specializing in terahertz imaging in 2002. Her PhD work focused on understanding contrast mechanisms in terahertz images of skin cancer.

Having completed her thesis in 2005, she worked for TeraView Ltd as a Medical Scientist until moving to Hong Kong in 2006. Prof MacPherson set up a terahertz laboratory at the Department of Electronic Engineering, CUHK during her post between 2006 and 2009 as an Assistant Professor. She spent 3 years at HKUST as a Visiting Assistant Professor (September 2009 -2012) and returned to the Department of Electronic Engineering, CUHK in Sept 2012. Prof MacPherson has represented Hong Kong on the International Organising Committee for the Infrared and Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Wave (IRMMW-THz) conference series since 2009 and she was the General Conference Chair of the 2015 IRMMW-THz conference held at CUHK. She recently joined the Physics department at Warwick University, UK and is the recipient of a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award.

Olga Smolyanskaya

ITMO University

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Giacomo Scalari

Physics Department-ETH Zurich

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Maksim Melnik

ITMO University

Maksim V. Melnik received his B.S. and M.S. and PhD degree in physics from ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia in 2013, 2015 and 2019 respectively. He received M.S. in optics from University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, USA in 2015.
Since 2011, he has worked for the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technology, ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia as engineer of the International Laboratory of Femtosecond Optics and Femtotechnologies. He is the author of around 40 articles. His research interests include nonlinear femtosecond and terahertz optics, ultrafast data transmission and terahertz spectral combs.
Maksim is the member of organizing committee of international conference "Basic Problems of Optics" in St. Petersburg, organizer of the annual summer school "Research Summer Camp in Photonics", supervisor of international educational programs of Photonics and Optical Information Technology Department and deputy executive officer of the international institute Photonics and Optical Information Technology in ITMO University.

Patrick Mounaix

University of Bordeaux

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Pawan Kumar

Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology

Pawan Kumar currently works at the Department of Applied Science & Humanities, Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology. Pawan does research in Plasma Physics, High Power Laser Plasma Interaction, Plasmonics, THz Science Laser Driven Charged Particle accelerators and Compact Sources of Radiations and Optics . Their most recent publication is 'Two color laser driven THz generation in clustered plasma'.

David Citrin

Georgia Institute of Technology/Georgia Tech Lorraine

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Maxim Zhadobov


Maxim Zhadobov is the principal investigator in Biomedical Electromagnetics (BEM) at the Institute of
Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes (IETR), French National Center for Scientific Research
(CNRS), France, and the head of Electromagnetic Waves in Complex Media (WAVES) Team of the
IETR. His main research activities and expertise are in the field of innovative biomedical applications
of electromagnetic fields and associated technologies. He co-authored 5 book chapters and more
than 60 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. His review article in the Int. J. Microwave
Wireless Techn. has been the most cited paper in 2016-2019. He has been involved in 22 research
projects (11 as PI). Dr. Zhadobov is the TPC co-chair of BioEM 2020, Oxford, UK. He was a TPC
member and / or session organizer at international conferences, including BioEM 2019, EuMW 2019,
IEEE iWEM 2017, MobiHealth 2015-2017, BodyNets 2016, and IMWS-Bio 2014 He is an elected
member of EBEA Council, invited member of IEEE TC95.4, and vice-president of URSI France
Commission K. He is also senior member IEEE, served on review boards of more than 15 international
journals and conferences, and has been acting as an expert at research councils worldwide. His
teaching activities include lecturing at European School of Antennas (ESoA), 5G PhD School (IT),
Uppsala University (SE), University of Rennes 1, and INSA (FR). He received CNRS Medal in 2018,
EBEA Award for Excellence in Bioelectromagnetics in 2015, and Brittany’s Young Scientist Award in

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